What’s been keeping me busy in DC?

There is of, course, work. I perhaps reached a work milestone when I moderated our first ever webinar three weeks ago. This past week, we also presented the Climate-Eval to the GEF Secretariat. Work has just begun.


My dad was also here for a long-weekend visit. We devoured Chinese food in Chinatown, as the humidity and heat wave devoured us. The temperature peaked at 103 F last weekend, that’s about 40 degrees C to my non-American readers. It’s the hottest weather I’ve experienced in my entire life. Even Manila doesn’t get that hot.


One of my favorite TV shows (when I used to live in a household with a TV and watch it) is Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. I searched for his Washington DC feature and his opening scene just confirms my post on DC’s siren security culture. It has not bothered me much since. It’s either I am getting used to it by the day, or the police are on a holiday.


At least five people I know, mostly friends, new and old, who are either coming to or going from DC. That is in less than four months of my residence here. This just testifies to the transience of  DCists.


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