Redefining gentrification

Gone are the days when gentrification is associated with young urban white professionals taking over run down areas, often where African-Americans live. The Washington Post reports about a new breed of gentries– young African Americans.

At the outset, the story portrays younger people who only would like to improve their neighborhood. This is of course natural. Things start to get complicated, however, when the ‘hood starts to get really better, rent climbs, eventually displacing those who can no longer afford them. The more economically-capable would tend to gravitate toward an up-and-coming neighborhood that is deemed ‘cool’. Consequently, restaurants, shops, and other amenities follow suit, and thus a positive feedback loop on urban development, real estate prices, and population.

In a city like Washington D.C. where stark racial segregation already persists, will further segregation emerge, this time within racial groups?


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