JPA vacancy at the World Bank 1

It would be incongruent of me to share tips on how to get a JPA job at the World Bank without sharing the same job posts on this blog. Thus, starting today on, I will be sharing the terms of references, popularly known as TORs, I occasionally receive through my work email.

This first one is a TOR for a JPA position to work on impact evaluation in the Public Sector Evaluation Group of the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group. I would apply for this job if I were an econ or statistics major. Download the TOR here!

If you have any question about applying or the JPA post, hit the comments section below and I’ll try to answer them.



  1. Hello,

    Sorry for the late reply I just got back from a short holiday.try emailing the task team leader for specific questions regarding the application. And yes, put your CV in the JPA database. Good luck! Let me know if you still have any question.

    Later I will also be posting another JPA vacancy I received which is ideal if you have statistics/econ background.

    Good luck. Cheers.


  2. Hi, how do I apply to this vacancy? Should I send a CV to the team leader? (and obviously have my name on the JPA database)


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