Got elected as Communications head of JPAs at the World Bank

This might be old news (the election was last week), and non-news to many. A new set of Junior Professional Associate Organizing Committee (JPAOC) was elected, and I’ll be heading the Communications sub-committee.

Offhand, one of my goals is to identify and bridge any communication gap between JPAs and the organization we’re working in (i.e., the World Bank) and between JPAs and other young professionals in international development. This write up concerns more the latter. The JPAOC has yet to meet together as group this coming week, but I want to know some things early on, what type of information do young professionals need other than what’s already available out there, and what mode of communication do you prefer (e.g., Twitter, email, blog, etc)?

A more lofty goal is to determine the young professionals’ place in international development. It is often told that young professionals inject innovation in the work place. How does one introduce innovation amid bureaucracy and institutions that are generally resistant to change?

I have a year to work on these lofty goals. Who knows I’ll just end up emailing happy hour invitations, which isn’t that bad.



  1. […] It’s now official (since November 1st, in fact), JPAs no longer have to serve a two-year cool-off period before they can work again at the World Bank. President Jim Kim announced the lifting of the moratorium during the World Bank Youth Summit 2013. And yes, the policy is retroactive. This means JPAs can now apply for positions after their term, including those who finished their contracts before November 1, 2013. Kudos to the JPA Organizing Committee (JPA OC) for all the amazing and hard work (disclaimer: I was part of the JPA OC 2011-2012)! […]


  2. Hi! I have a question. Are JPA’s paid by the department they work in or does it come from a separate world bank fund?


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