Bangkok’s business district is still dry, but until when?

Bangkok's business district is still dry, but until when?

This is the view from my hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok’s central business district. As of my arrival to Bangkok the other night, the roads between Sathorn and the airport are still dry and passable.

But until when can it hold its fort?

The government predicts that water will be drained in 11 days. It is trying to spare the to keep the business going. One German expat I met yesterday said it’s only a matter of time before the flood reaches the commercial district. He showed me a photo of a boat in front of his office building; he now works from home. He managed to drive through 30 centimeters of water to attend from his home to Sathorn to attend a meeting. As we finished our meeting yesterday, he said he is unsure if he can make it to the second day of our meeting today.

Ironically (or fittingly), I am here in Bangkok to attend a meeting on evaluation and monitoring of climate change adaptation interventions in Southeast Asia by SEA Change. We are searching for answers on how to determine the “success” of climate adaptation projects or when can you say a city is prepared for a disaster. Bangkok will give us the answers in the coming days.


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