Picture so nice, The Guardian used it thrice

Guardian 3 pics

The Guardian launched Open Journalism this week with a matching entertaining ad campaign. It’s a quasi film trailer abou the Three Little Pigs going into trial after the big bad wolf died. How creative! Browsing down on the main page, however, is quite the opposite. A photo of a “mural affixed behind fence” is embedded. Or is it a fence affixed over a mural? It doesn’t matter. What matters is the photo appears not only once, not twice, but three times, one on top of the other. The photo is interesting, but does it merit a triple posting?

Lack of content is not really an issue despite the infancy of the novel approach to journalism. Other photos in the gallery are worth the exposure space on the main page.

While reviewing the page, I realized they used the same title twice, and the subtitle “Photographing found objects the landscape” thrice!

Update your CVs and portfolio, I think The Guardian is still looking for an online editor.


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