Rube Goldberg will teach you…

…if you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Not just physics.



  1. Hey Andrew,

    I’m inspired by your accomplishments! I’m hoping to go the same route as you, though not necessarily in the climate change arena. I studied Economics and Sustainable Community Development in university. I’ve also been volunteering for various non-profits that work toward international development, sustainability and settlement.

    Did you get your Masters on scholarship? How did you decide to study in Germany? Would like to get some insider tips from you, if you don’t mind.



    1. Hi Gerard,

      Thank you. Maybe you might want to take a different route when you see the next corner (or round-about?) I will take. Lol.

      Yes, I got my Masters on scholarship. I couldn’t have made it without one. Why I studied in Germany deserves a blog post of its own! Thanks for giving me an idea.


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