Can a newspaper article launch an aspiring singer’s career?

Katharine Boyle of The Washington Post profiled Hisham Breedlove, 29, a countertenor who sings arias in the District’s more ‘affluent’ Metro Stations. Beyond the well-wishes (and detractors) from commenters online, Breedlove could hope that the print and online exposure would spark the interest of benefactors who can put up with him, and put him on stage.

Watch Breedlove’s performance in a Metro station:

It’s not the first time he gained online exposure though. Eight years back, Sarah Hugh through NPR captured his voice at the Friendship Heights Metro. It was Breedlove’s first Christmas to busk. “It’s all practice to me”, he said of his busking. This should have been recorded just right before or around the time he started taking his voice training at the Washington Adventist University. Notice how good he already was then.

Here are videos of Breedlove’s performances onstage posted by goldencords on Youtube, Breedlove’s alterego online. How much has his technique improved since his 2004 recording?

Here are a couple of his performances in a Metro station, recorded most likely by passers-by, posted on Youtube:

I’ll try to catch next Friday singing at the Courthouse Metro station.


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