Join the JPA Community on Ning

As the Communications sub-committee of the JPA Organizing Committee (JPA OC), I can justify using Facebook at work one of my tasks is to manage the social media presence of the JPA Community within and outside the World Bank. The JPA Community on Ning was particularly built for the latter. Our target audience is current JPAs and alumni as well as non-JPAs who are interested in jumpstarting their career in development work.

On this site we post job openings, events, and photos of our activities. I would be happy to hear other suggestions on other information that you think should be included in the website. The site has been going for about a year when it was established by my predecessors in the JPA OC. This time we are stepping up our game, perhaps in a way to be consistent with the World Bank’s OpenData initiative.

I am not alone in this work. The JPA OC is composed of 10 other amazing, talented and dedicated individuals who work on whatever extra time they have left to pull strings to organize events, networking and recreational activities. Generally we create situations for JPAs, other young World Bank staff and staff from other organizations to meet, enjoy and learn. Besides, our respective careers and lives are still ahead of us. We hope to share our experiences, if only virtually, through the JPA Community Ning site.



  1. Hey Adrew, many thanks for posting all the amazing stories and thoughts. Just so you know that the the World Bank’s OpenData initiative now is ‘404 not found’. Is there anyway to fix that? 🙂


    1. Hi Mimi, better get in touch with the World Bank on that one. Which is your favorite story/blog post? What other information would you like to read and find useful? Thanks!


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