Chasing the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

Yesterday was the last day to see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom. If you were one of the few who planned to visit this weekend, chances are you’ve been or would be disappointed. I very much looked forward to the weekend to catch the cherry blossoms, and coupled with this wait was the hope for a good weather, just like most of the previous work week. As if a bad joke, the only two days of rest and chance to enjoy the early onset of spring and the outdoors will be wet or otherwise covered in clouds.

Had I gone last weekend, despite the perfect weather, it would not have been the perfect time. The white flowers show signs that it is still a little too early. And so I waited, and almost lost the opportunity as the week unfolded and the bleak weather of the weekend approached.

I resolved to go yesterday after work to take pictures. Before I left, I tested and turned on the camera only for it to turn off after a split-second. Out of battery and out of time, I needed to make do with my Samsung Player’s camera.

Tourists must have monitored the weather and peak bloom forecasts, just like I did. They filled the streets and sidewalks, coming and going to the general direction of the Tidal Basin. Except for a few visitors still in their business suits, the rest were clad in shirts, and some in shorts. The only common accessory is a camera, the kind that came with a phone or full-fledged ones. “Ah, tourists!”, I thought to  myself. And yesterday I was one of them. We all shared the same agenda: capture the cherry bossoms in full bloom by the Tidal Basin.

For the most part of the year, tourists descend to Washington D.C. to visit museums, monuments and memorials- man-made structures admired for their ability to portray power and preserve history. This time, as in the past 100 years, nature shows off and takes center stage. Amid the crowd and the hustle to pose for a good shot, everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood under the low-lying pink puffy clouds. As the cherry blossoms create a spectacle and exude their beauty, they do not only confirm their role as the harbinger of warmer weather, but serve as the living symbol of diplomacy that befits this city.

Other photos can be viewed in this album.


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