Celebrating Earth Day 2012 in Washington D.C. (photos)

The power is yours! Captain Planet, a cartoon character, graced the event
Earth Day celebrants braved the cold and wet weather.
A band performs despite the small turn out of audience at the National Mall.
2012 is the 42nd Earh Day.
Americans now link extreme weather to climate change, a recent survey says.
Booths lined up the National Mall
The wet weather may have discouraged people to attend. An online broadcast of the celebration was available, however.
Visitors pass by a sculpture at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day 2012 in Washington D.C. (photos)”

  1. Who was the cute brunette photographer girl on stage at the concert? We took each other’s pics, and I have a party invite for this photogoddess.

  2. I was at the national mall today for Earth Day, and man was the turnout ever disappointing. I expected 1000s of people to be there, but nope, not even close. This is especially saddening because of how important this issue really is, but oh well, I’m sure the bad (baaaaaaaaaaaaaad) weather deterred a lot of people. I went out unprepared, and by the time I was filling out a postcard to be sent to the White House, I could hardly spell my name legibly (it wasn’t), and the writing looked to be from a second grader.

    1. Hi Eli,

      Yes it was disappointing, especially when I saw the picture in the Earth Day Network website where the National Mall looked packed in a previous Earth Day celebration. We should not be fair weather friends so-to-speak when it comes to advocating for environmental protection. But you are right, the weather was just dreary and COLD. I also had to ‘thaw’ my hands when I came back to my apartment. Just the same I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. Happy Earth Day!

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