Stolen photo update: second stolen photo discovered

Earlier today, I wrote about Tim Graham of Newsbusters blog plagiarizing a picture I took.

Having no clue of what steps to take, I emailed Jay Rosen for advise but haven’t heard from him, while a few of my Facebook friends offered their support and advice. I also turned to Romenesko tonight via Twitter, who kindly twitted my request for advice to his followers:!/jadz/status/195659856718467072!/tziegmann/status/195664398436675584

Somehow it reached Tim Graham, who apologized through the social network site and updated his article to include a link to my blog:!/TimJGraham/status/195688222230196224

I was tired, ready to go to bed and decided to deal with the whole issue tomorrow. The going to bed part has not yet happened. Obviously I am still up. After thumbing through Graham’s blog, I discovered another photo of mine that he used without credit. It is a picture of Captain Planet and a woman on the stage, which Graham used on his blog preview page. This time it’s different though. NewsBusters did not use the image URL from my Facebook photo album page, but simply cropped the image, saved it on their server and used it as if their own.

A screen capture from Tim Graham's blog preview page. Note thumbnail picture of Captain Planet is the same as below.

Original image copied from author's Facebook photo album

Two photos snitched from me by a media expert and former journalist. I hope there’s not a third out there. After all that transpired today, my dream to become a journalist seemed to have died a little.


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