Two JPA openings this past week

Are these openings interesting for you? JPA openings are supply-driven, but I’m curious what other fields you’d like to work in. Good luck!

The Office of the Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean (LCRVP) at the World Bank is searching for a talented professional to fill a two-year position, based in Washington, D.C., as Junior Professional Associate (JPA). Please find the TOR here.  All interested candidates should send a 1 page cover letter and CV by close of business on May 31 to the following address:

If you’re into climate finance, this is a good opportunity. You’ll also get a chance to have an amazing officemate- me!):

Please find attached the ToRs (there’s only one though -Andrew) for a JPA position with the Adaptation Fund at the Global Environment Facility. Please have all interested and qualified candidates send a cover letter and a CV to Shyla Raghav ( by June 7, 2012



  1. Dear Andrew,

    I just stumbled on your blog when surfing on the Internet for information about the JPA program. Thanks to your posts, I truly got some good advice and information about the program. As I read from your posts, I know that you went through two rounds of interviews and a small writing text before the second/final interview. And I am wondering whether the two interviews were all phone interviews, and what are the main different contents between the first and second interview. I can guess what would be asked for the first interview, so would you please give me some hints what the second interview could be like? And how long did it take between the first and second interview, and their final decision? Sorry for these trivial questions, and I’d be much appreciative of your kind reply.

    Thanks and best regards,


    1. Hi Rongk,

      Both were phone interviews because I was still based in Hamburg then.

      The second interview was mostly about the technical side of the job, and how I would approach rejuvenating the community of practice I am working on now. Also there was a ‘Twitter’ question because my job involves social media. It took about a week between the two interviews, and I learned about the result about two or three hours after the final interview. But don’t consider this as a general rule. The application process can vary from one unit to another.

      I hope this helps.



  2. Hi Andrew,

    I recently got an e-mail regarding JPA position interview, but unfortunately could not get it since I was still in Switzerland finishing my semester abroad. I am now a recent graduate living in Maryland and I was wondering if I could meet up with you somewhere in DC! I have submitted the application again and would really like to hear about your experiences before and during the program. I am really hoping that the opportunity rises again. Please let me know!



  3. Hi Andrew,

    I recently stumbled upon your blog. I’m interested in the JPA program but I’m not quite sure if I am qualified for it. I recently graduated with an MA in African Studies but with strong quantitative skills. But I have less than 1 year work experience. Also, I was curious how do I find out about specific JPA openings? I’m interested in oil revenue management and extractive industries in developing countries. Thanks!


  4. Hi Drew,

    Thanks so much for the advice. I’ve been talking to a few people in the Bank within the last couple of weeks and I’ve been getting different/rather contradicting advices, such as skipping the JPA and go straight to PhD with the hope to get into the EY program.

    Since I’m working in D.C. right now, I’d like to ask if we can meet up for a cafe/happy hour some time. My email is address is if that’s more convenient for you. (I’m from Vietnam as well so go Southeast Asian!)

    I understand that you’re extremely busy (everyone at the bank is) so I really appreciate you take the time to organize this amazing blog.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  5. Dear Andrew,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while because I am really interested in the JPA program. Nevertheless, since January I’ve applied to 6 JPA offers and I haven’t got any response from none of them. Do you mind taking a look to my CV and making some comments?


    1. Hi Camila,

      I suggest you put keywords in your CV reflecting your knowledge and expertise. There are many other factors that come into play in any application, and it does not only about one’s CV.

      Good luck.


  6. Hi there,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m interested in the JPA program. Anyway, do you know how long is the hiring process? I’m finishing my Master degree next June and I need some timing to know how early I can apply.

    Thanks and regards,


    1. Hi Tom,

      The hiring process (once they’ve accepted you) takes about a month. At least that’s what happened in my case. There are other factors that can hasten this, such as not needing a visa. What positions are you looking into?



      1. Hi Andrew,

        Thanks for the response. I’m looking for a position within the Social protection division. I will only complete my degree next July so I’m preparing myself for any opportunities that open up about this time next year. Since the process takes about a month, do you suggest that I start looking aggressively next April or earlier?

        Thanks a lot for the great work Drew!


      2. Hi Tom,

        I suggest you apply right away for any openings you are interested in. If you get accepted, try to negotiate for a later starting date.


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