On JPA openings

I’ve been posting JPA openings here on my blog as they come, and I’m glad it’s been of help to some readers who are looking for international development opportunities for young professionals at the World Bank. Starting today I will stop posting  JPA vacancies on my blog. But I am not completely stopping altogether from sharing these opportunities, because from now on I’d just like to refer you to the ‘Opportunities’ section of the JPA Community Ning website. I’m the communications sub-committee head of the JPA Organizing Committee, and rest assured that all (I am trying!) JPA openings that I would have posted here on my blog would be available on the JPA website.

Oh by the way, there are two JPA openings at the Global Environmental Facility.


5 thoughts on “On JPA openings”

  1. Almost a year on… sorry about that.

    Are you still posting JPA openings on the Ning website? Do I need to sign up to the website in order to see them?

    Thanks and great you’re doing this!

    1. Hi,
      I’m no longer part of the JPA Community Association, and my contract with the WB is over. Better check the Ning website. No, you don’t need to sign up to view the openings. Cheers.

    1. HI Helene,

      Yes, I will post JPA openings outside GEF as well. It just so happened that vacancies that are being sent out are from the GEF.


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