He meant well (and so do we)

The book by Peter van Buren is not new. I’ve never read it myself, but intend to do so sooner or later, if not for the funny excerpts I’ve read and heard. I  just got reminded of it as I picked up a copy of The Diplomat where he was featured on a Q&A-type article about his work status post-whistleblowing. As his foreign career service seems to be over, I imagined him doing rounds of book signings and readings. Royalties from the book should ideally replace his soon-to-be-lost income from his job. But this doesn’t seem to be the case, according to him in the article. He is still a salaried staff yet demoted to a menial job, but this will only go on until September when he plans to retire altogether.

Is his career in international relations and development over? Did he blow the whistle too soon? And when young professionals find problems worth exposing, are we just supposed to turn a blind eye and shut up, consider that all things are bright and beautiful to protect our future careers? Read the article here.


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