Last post about the JPA Program, and a success story

A reader of my blog applied for a job whose advertisement I posted here. At present she is interning for UNICEF. Soon she will be my officemate.

At least I would like to think this blog helped her find and get the JPA position. She prefers to remain anonymous yet below she offers some nuggets of advice on how to approach job-hunting:

I remember it was September last year that I decided to apply for a JPA position with the World Bank. I completed the online application, and didn’t hear back for 6 months. In March, I then decided to take up an internship with a UN agency to build my profile and also use the opportunity to network professionals working in international development. I cannot stress enough the importance of networking! Not only does it help build solid relationships with professionals (who can also mentors to you in your job search), you can also learn so much from the experiences of the people you talk to – how did they end up in their current position? What did they study in college? What do they love most about the work they do? All this really helped me figure out what kinds of JPA positions I would be interested in, and who in the Bank I should reach out to via email or LinkedIn. This brings me to my next point – if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, I would recommend that you make one now! LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool; and in my search, I have used it often to network and connect with other JPAs. You’ll be surprised how often people appreciate the initiative you take in sending them a message using the platform. In addition to this, I’ve found that it is always helpful to communicate with the recruiter of any JPA position that catches your attention. Had I not been this persistent, I would not be so happy to say that I am hoping to soon start my new JPA role this coming fall. Good luck to all of you!

I started posting JPA job openings here in the hope of breaking down, as another reader pointed out, the “information asymmetry” of job advertisements. One indicator of achieving this is the testimonial above. Which brings me to the conclusion of job-related posts. If you want to learn more about the JPA openings, feel free to visit and join the JPA Ning community and use the forum to ask questions.

I plan to hold a Google Hangout on Saturday August 18, 2012. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment below go this Doodle and indicate your preferred time (in Eastern Time). Google Hangouts is only limited to nine (9) participants and that will include myself.

9 thoughts on “Last post about the JPA Program, and a success story”

  1. I just scored a spring government internship in D.C. which I very excited about. I really hope it is as beneficial in networking as it was for your friend! Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for sharing the info. I would love to join. BTW, I ‘m 6 hrs ahead D.C. .So if you could do it before 18h DC time, would be great.

  3. Hey Andrew,

    Would love to participate in a Google Hangout. I am 11.5 hours ahead of Washington DC, could do your morning/ my night or your night/ my morning.

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