Happy 9th birthday, Freetaste Blog!

Who would have known, this blog will still be up nine years on.Make that six if I were to count my blogging hiatus for almost three years when I started working.

My first intention in starting the blog was, as a writer, to keep the writing going. Also, blogging was instant publishing, not having to wait for the editorial nod. What prevents me from my writing and publishing is a click of a button. I am not a full-fledged writer. Instead, I’ve gone on to work in economics and environment, do grad studies in environmental governance in Germany. Now I work in the US still in the field of environment- and guess what- as a blogger. I have a more respectable title as ‘Moderator’. I work on climate change and development. It is interspersed with online communications and social media, the beginnings of which can perhaps be traced to the blogging format.

Once, back in Freiburg, I met up with an IT guy in a pub, whom I first met in Cologne. We first got in touch via Twitter a few weeks back, when I saw his tweet as he was giving away free tickets to Photokina. I gladly grabbed one of the tickets. Over some drinks, we chatted about the internet and how it has revolutionized the way we communicate, and pretty much the world. He asked me when I started blogging. “Maybe around 2003”, I said. “Oh so you are an early adopter!”, he exclaimed. I was bashful about it, and more so after he brought up the number of daily visitors in our blogs.

I still don’t get an astronomical number of visits. As this blog has become a way to meet interesting people online and offline, and a couple have even found jobs and become my co-workers, I think this blog doing pretty well.



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