Why does my evacuation route lead me to the Roosevelt Bridge/Island?

I’ve always been curious where evacuation signs in the streets of Washington DC lead to. Perhaps a secret bunker filled with emergency supplies enough to sustain DC residents for months on end. Now that Hurricane Sandy is upon us, I want to be fully prepared in case of emergency. So I googled for more information about evacuation routes, and found this website of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. I typed in my address to learn where my evacuation route leads to, and then this:

Yes, I should just stop right before the end of the Roosevelt Bridge. What am I supposed to do, jump off the bridge onto a moving barge, or is there a secret hatch which drops me into a submarine? Maybe there will be a checkpoint to see if I am permitted to cross to the state of Virginia. But, God forbid, I don’t want to be a human sandbag.


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