Gone Down Under

It is a holiday whose time has come. After averted attempts in the past to visit, I finally made my way to the land ‘Down Under’. The timing couldn’t have been perfect: a new officemate to take-over my tasks, Christmas holidays, and a way to escape winter setting on the East Coast. Who doesn’t want an extra month of summer?

“I’m sorry”, said the lady seated beside me on the plane from Los Angeles International Airport bound for Sydney, upon telling her that I’ve been travelling since 9 in the morning, and came all the way from Washington DC. She is tagging along with her husband on a two-day business trip, which they will extend to a two-week holiday. At the back of my mind I want to apologize to her, for only having two weeks to spend in one place after a gruelling long-haul flight, and time zone adjustments. As for me, I’m having 28 days of unadulterated vacation, save for a couple of meetings.

I’m exactly at the last week of my break. I’ve visited three Australian state capitals- Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane- all exciting cities in their own right. I’ll try my best to write more about my travels in subsequent posts. My cousins who are hosting me in Brisbane have been bugging me to blog about this trip, and are curious to know about my thoughts about their country and their city.

Hooroo for now!


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