The beginning is the end is the beginning

Let me borrow and play with one of The Smashing Pumpkin’s songs for the title of this post. It is apropos to how things are unfolding as 2013 begins, the countdown (as one colleague put it) to the end of my contract, and search for a new job.

But the year is off to a good start. With only four days into it, I have about three-and-a-half job leads, and booked one phone interview. I’d like to leave them as obscure as vaguebooking for the mean time. Are rejection letters so last year? I don’t think so. I did already receive quite a few last year, and for sure more are still to come. In the end, job hunting is a mere numbers game. Throw a hundred applications and for sure one will stick. Well, maybe not. It sounds a bit too simplistic, but of course it isn’t. That throwing of applications occurs within a long period of time. You also want to be selective of the jobs you apply for, and not take on one where you feigned your way into and end up not delivering, or worse, miserable.

Or you can always create your own job. But that is another story.

Photo via Wikipedia


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