Running the JPA homestretch

Like remedying relationships on the rocks, JPAs are required to undergo a cool-off period. While a cool-off period is supposed to be short, ours is exactly two years. And Day 1 of those two years will start on April 11. But effectively I have eight days left as a JPA at the GEF Evaluation Office. I’ll go on a one-week break to New York with my parents before my longer and more indefinite break actually start.

I have yet to figure out what next steps to take, although I have loosely laid out my plans A, B and/or C. Plan A, which is the ideal scenario, is to find and smoothly transition into a job, preferably in New York or here in Washington DC. Plan B.1 is to move to and rough it up in New York for a couple of months. Plan B.2 is to fly to Latin America, perhaps Lima or Guatemala, to learn Spanish and do a bit of traveling on the side (or vice versa!). Plan C, which is starting to become Plan B.3, is to go back home, rest and settle down for the mean time. Besides, I’ve been away from the Philippines for almost six years.

What would you do if you were in my (running) shoes? It’s not too bad, though, because I’ve been in a similar place when I finished grad school and once again when my internship ended. It’s a precarious situation that’s anxiety-inducing, liberating and exciting all at the same time.



      1. that’s exactly it. if you could ever find a way to be, explore and work in 2 or 3 places at the same time, that’s just about perfect for you. maybe you should seek opportunities that wouldn’t confine you in just one type of environment. will you be pursuing climate-related work? i’ve gotten my fair share of nosebleeds from all the climate terminologies, I’d have to say I’m done with that phase of my work life. LOL. good luck to you. i’m sure you’ll find a really cool job. meanwhile, enjoy you’re vacation while you still can. and pay me a visit next time you’re home.

      2. Yes, so true, that would be really ideal. I need to find an online-based job or that allows telecommute. That would be really ideal.

        We definitely have to meet when we get the chance!

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