A JPA vacancy and a youth summit

I’m breaking my vow of not posting JPA postings any longer. The JPA Community Ning website may show otherwise, but there is a JPA vacancy at the Latin America and Carribean Regional Water and Sanitation unit. Applicants should send their CV and a motivation letter to nsanchez@worldbank.org by August 22nd, 2013. For the ToR of the JPA opening (and STCs), visit this Facebook page.

Almost a year after my committee’s departure from the helm of the JPA Community Association, I’m glad the incumbent committee are doing a great job in sustaining the work we’ve started. Allow me to honk our horn and do a bit of promotion:

The 2013 Youth Summit is an event championed by the Junior Professional Associates (JPA) Program in collaboration with other units at The World Bank Group (WBG), held on October 3rd, 2013. The theme for the event is “Youth Entrepreneurship: Cultivating an innovative spirit to alleviate global youth unemployment”. The Summit will feature notable panelists of the development community, and will provide a forum for young people from around the globe to share innovative ideas and solutions to current development challenges to create opportunities for youth employment and job creation. The Summit will address three areas: Youth Employment, Education, Millennial communications – the use of social media and technology for development. Prior to the Summit, a Development Case Study Competition aims to provide youth with the opportunity to propose innovative solutions and business products for real development issues that the WBG and external partners are striving to solve.

More information about the Youth summit is here.



  1. Hi, Andrew. Will you continue posting JPA vacancies? I am very interested in the health-related JPA positions. Will there be any potential vacancy for me?


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