JPA cool-off period now a thing of the past

It’s now official (since November 1st, in fact), JPAs no longer have to serve a two-year cool-off period before they can work again at the World Bank. President Jim Kim announced the lifting of the moratorium during the World Bank Youth Summit 2013. And yes, the policy is retroactive. This means JPAs can now apply for positions after their term, including those who finished their contracts before November 1, 2013. Kudos to the JPA Organizing Committee (JPA OC) for all the amazing and hard work (disclaimer: I was part of the JPA OC 2011-2012)!

This is such great news. As a young development professional, I feel like 25% of my career option opened up again.

4 thoughts on “JPA cool-off period now a thing of the past”

    1. Hi cmfg,

      I don’t think so. But it’s too early to tell what the effects will be of the new policy. I think staffing decisions in general will (still) be based on cost (i.e., salary and transaction costs of hiring), staff turn-over implications to the organization which is related to talent retention, and the over-all future plans of the hiring unit.


  1. That is a great news! I am a former STC considering applying for JPA but the ning webpage does not seem to be working. Do you know what happned to it/where to find info regarding the vacancies? thanks!

    1. Hi M & M, I don’t know what happened to it, especially so that I’m no longer a JPA/OC member. Just contact your favorite unit and ask around for JPA openings.

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