From writing to working on Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda

I’m more than three months into my job working as National Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at FAO Philippines. It feels weird that my last post was about typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, and now I’m working on the emergency response and recovery of farmers’ livelihoods affected by the disaster.

Project proposals, logframes and surveys have kept me busy most of the time. It’s the same difference in my previous jobs working in the agriculture, environment and climate change/disaster reduction at the national policy and international level. Now I’m at the frontline as I get involved in project formulation and implementation. I spent majority of the days in February traveling to Roxas and Tacloban, where many of our projects are located.

It was and continues to be intense. It helps a lot that I am part of an amazing team from those who work in our main office to those in our field offices. Dedicated and committed are an understatement of the work they’re doing. Whenever the topic of work comes up in candid conversations, I keep telling people that team dynamics is one of those things you don’t have control over when looking for a job. Job advertisements or even interviews won’t give you much information if you’re a good fit to the team. It’s hit or miss.

We’re rolling out more projects, hiring more people and there’s more work to be done. I’m not sure when my next post will be but I’m glad to sneak in some time to post on this blog. If you’re interested to learn more about different aspects of my job, just post on the comments section below.



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