Long live the JPA Program

Every now and then I still receive inquiries about the JPA program through this blog post. In case you missed it, the JPA Program has gone the way of the dodo, and has been replaced by the World Bank Group Analyst Program. How are the two different? The initial contract is now three years long and you don’t get locked-out of the World Bank system anymore after finishing your contract. Learn more about the WBGA Program here.



  1. Hi Andrew

    I found your threads very useful and thank you for writing these. I recently applied to the Analyst program and got a “long-listed response,” the email tells me that I should expect to fill out an assessment in the next couple of weeks. I just wonder if you could kindly explain what does the “long-listed response” mean and what should I expect for the assessment? How big of a chance do you think I have at this point? I really appreciate your help!

    Sincerely yours,



    1. Hi Yazhou Li, I don’t know what long-listed response exactly means. I assume they’re interested in your profile based on the information you have given them. How is the application going so far? Keep us posted!


      1. Hello,
        I am currently a master’s student of Public Policy at the University of Texas at Dallas. I also hold a degree in Statistics and Mathematics from Makerere university.
        I came across your blog and I got interested. I recently applied for the world bank analyst program and got long-listed and even did an assessment test and now waiting for interview short listing. I would like to inquire, just in-case I go through the next step i.e interviews, what would would you advise me to take for the interviews, I mean like support documents what preparations should I make and what questions should I expect. Another thing, I have not really written any papers except those I have written for exams in my master’s program, should I take one of those as a sample for my writing skill? I have a concern too regarding my undergraduate degree, I had a honors but not a first class degree, will that affect my candidature.
        Thank you,
        Kind regards

  2. Hi Andrew,
    It is very kind that you are taking your time to answer questions about WBGA Program.
    I am applying for the WBGA Program. It would be pleasant if you could have time to review my CV and Cover letter. If you have time for reviewing please let me know in which address i can send my cv and cover letter. My email: amriddin.tj@gmail.com
    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Amr,

      I don’t normally review CVs and cover letters because I tell myself that if I do it for one I should to do it for everyone, which of course I cannot manage to do for all requests. Just post specific questions and I’ll try to answer them here, also for the benefit of other readers. Thanks!


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