Updates on the new World Bank Group Analyst Program

World BankA few readers of my blog have asked me (here and here) how the World Bank Junior Professional Associate (JPA) interview process worked. Unfortunately I have no one standard answer because there was not one standard process when it was still existed. Most applicants submitted their application to a database, while others like myself sent it directly to the hiring unit as the job advertisement instructed. There was also no official webpage where once can find current JPA openings.

If the job advertisement and hiring process of the JPA program was an opaque blackbox many dared to break but with only a few who have succeeded to do so, the WBG Analyst Program (AP) process is perhaps an attempt to overhaul and improve the professional programs aimed at younger people (because there is also the Young Professionals Program) who want to gain experience at the Washington-based development institution.

So, is the AP selection process any better, you might ask. I perused the AP website, and also got a tip on the recruitment process so far, which is fairly straightforward:

  1. January to March: Submission of applications
  2. End of March: Selection committee contacts candidates to submit additional information (what information). Here’s the added bit: the World Bank also administered a battery of standard tests consisting of a personality test, logical reasoning, and mathematical deduction. Now that is new. Others who were not selected will receive an email stating so. 
  3. April to May (planned)/on-going: Hiring unit stream conducts interviews
  4. June (planned): Job offer
  5. September (planned): Welcome to Washington, DC!
  6. For the next three years: Happy hours!

The World Bank is a couple of months behind schedule based on the timeline on their website. By now, they should have made job offers already. However, some departments are still setting up interviews, while others are still putting together their shortlists. Whether the first cohort will march down 1818 H St., NW in Washington DC come September is yet to be seen. For now, congratulations in advance to those who have gone as far as the second round of selection, and I wish you all the best.

Do you have other information or questions on the WBG Analyst Program? Let us know in the comments, or drop me a message.


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