Top websites for international development job search

job-search-international-developmentThe world of international development job search can be daunting. Clicking through multiple jobs board to keep track of new job openings from different organizations can be cumbersome and frustrating at times. Thanks to techy folks in development, a few job search websites with add-on functions such as alert subscription, social media integration, and even data analytics have cropped up. How do they stack up against each other? Here’s a quick a look at popular websites for searching international development jobs: is the mother of all international development jobs board. I have relied on this website from way way back, and could be the pioneering website of its kind. It’s a basic, reliable database where you can quickly access opportunities according to organizations, duty stations, and those about to close soon in addition to new listings, of course. Other new job sites take inspiration from UNjobs, with a few added features here and there.

UNjobfinder differentiates itself with multimedia features such as podcast interviews of development professionals and articles on career entry-points in international development. Are videos not far behind? Let’s wait and see. The creator of the website is an HR professional, so you’re ensured of insider tips and him tapping his own network for future content.

UNjobslist brings to mind two words: data-driven. The website shows the most viewed jobs, number of days a job has been online, job suggestions from the same organization, a widget, and pie charts. Bonus points to the creator for his microsite about a Lego figure’s travels and troubles through The Little Peacekeeper . Analytics, graphs, and Lego? Geek out to your heart’s content. Remember, job-hunting is just a numbers game.

reliefweb is a platform that focuses on humanitarian aid, so job vacancies lean more toward ‘hardship’ posts. Think development work in areas classified as UN L3 emergency– disaster response, famine, civil war, you get the (harrowing) picture. HQ-types need not apply.

Devex claims to be the “world’s leading global development jobs board”. The website is a primary source of news, analysis and occasional career advice, but for job postings, not so much. The website needs to unclog its job filter system. For instance, openings under ‘entry-level’ includes a “Deputy Program Manager for Latin America” and “intern”. As an integral part of the Devex platform, it definitely has the best design compared with its barebones counterparts.

UN ICSC is an official UN website where you can filter information akin to an Excel sheet, based on organization, duty station, job title, level, deadline and type of work or job family. But seriously, no search function? Also, figuring out how to use “Create Advanced Filter(s)” at the bottom of the page requires an MS in Computer Engineering to make it work. Or maybe it is a practical test for a P-4 position as IT Officer.

These job search websites do not necessarily post all types of opportunities. It’s better directly go to the official jobs page of say, ADB or the World Bank, for national positions, short-term, technical assistance or consulting firm opportunities.

Other websites of note:

International Development Jobs for Young Professionals Facebook group (of course!)

Technical Assistance Consultancy Network; LinkedIn Group for discussions on working as a consultant.

Did I miss any online resource for international development job-hunting? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Top websites for international development job search”

  1. Hi Andrew! I’m a Filipino music student here in Düsseldorf and my friend from college is about to start her Masters in Freiburg. She’s in Freiburg right now to look for a place. Would you know some good and helpful kababayans there?

    1. Hi Jo-Ann! I’ve lost touch with our kababayans there. She should check out the dormitories. I stayed at the Collegium Sapientiae on Lorettostrasse.

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