Resume and cover letter reviewer upload form now online

I’ve got a few requests lately to review resumes and cover letters. The usual process has been to ask if I can review your resume/cover letter, then me asking for your email address in the comments section, then me sending you an email asking you to send me your documents, and then you sending my back an email with them as an attachment or two (whew! I know). It takes time and lots of typing.

I’m excited to deploy a quick hack I found online. With this form you can upload your documents without the back and forth emailing. This also avoids exposing your email address to potential spammers.

If you want me to review your resume, cover letter, or both,  click here and upload a Word version. Don’t forget to include your email address as text in the document so I can send you back your updated resume (I assume though it’s included in one of the documents).



  1. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you very much for your help in advance! I just uploaded my CV. I am applying to 2016 World Bank summer internship and polishing my CV for now. Just a quick question? if I apply for an internship should I state clearly which division or function-HR, finance…etc- I would like to work at?


    1. Hi Choi,

      I’ll try to look into it over the holidays.

      Perhaps you can indicate the division you’re interested, but also state you’re open to other departments in case there are other opportunities there that they see fit to your profile.

      Happy new year!


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