Meet new people and learn from each other with Coffee Klatsch

I’m starting this fun experiment called Coffee Klatsch (sign-up now!) to let people meet and learn new stuff from each other. It’s a more efficient and purposive way to network, by matching two or more people based on what they want to learn and also share. It is designed for professionals and life-long learners who actively seek new knowledge and skills beyond their own domain of expertise.

I believe that in networking both parties should mutually learn from each other, and get something out of a meeting or Skype call. It should be a give-and-take relationship and not just a one way street.

I’ve already set up one Skype appointment and two coffee meet-ups, where each of us will learn about what we do in our day jobs and side projects. The Skype call is for someone working on gender and development. In the meetings I’ll be learning about the design process and career coaching (this one’s for you, dear readers!). In return I will share what I know about writing and digital marketing, two areas I’m passionate about.

The best thing I love about networking is the surprise element; you’ll never what you’re gonna get and what can become out of a single meeting. The quality of connections we make though depends on the people we meet. In Coffee Klatsch, people are confident and know what they are good at, but humble enough to reach out to learn from others. Everyone is both a teacher and a student. Join us now and sign-up for free.


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