In case you missed it, ADB internships

I have to edit this because apparently the link to the filtered internship openings is not working. Also I found out a quirk of the filtering system, which could potentially ‘hide’ older openings that are still actively accepting applications.

Some of you have asked about internships at the ADB. Right now there’s 24 of them. If you’re only applying now, you might miss it. ADB recently migrated to a new job application management system, and I just realized there’s some filtering maneuvers you have to do, otherwise you might miss some job postings. Vacancies that are still active but posted more than a month ago might no longer show up because you might choose the wrong timeframe under the ‘Posting Date’ filter (I don’t know the default settings anymore). To view all the internship openings, do the following:

  1. Visit the ADB jobs page
  2. Focus your attention on the filters on the left-hand side column
  3. Under the first filter, the ‘City’ under the ‘Location’ filter should have no boxes ticked.
  4. Under the second filter, ‘Job Field’ and ‘Staff Category’, click ‘Internship’. If it’s not showing up, look for it by clicking ‘See all job fields’.
  5. Under the third filter, the ‘Posting Date’ should be blank. This is the critical part. Otherwise, if you choose one of the other options, it will only show ‘newer’ vacancies that have been posted, and there are none for internships.

Deadline is in two weeks, 15 March. Say hi when you make it to Manila.

What do you think of the new ADB jobs board and application system?



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