Non-boring things that happened on transit

The recent Twitter feud between Elon Musk and urbanist Jarett Walker (read more on that here) struck a cord with me. As an urban enthusiast who relies on public transportation, I have to join the online fray and chip in my two cents’ worth:

That’s coming from someone who has experienced the best and worst of Manila’s MRT, waxed poetic about bus rides, and showed dismay hope for public transportation in Washington, D.C. where I currently live. While in Freiburg, I’ve also professed my love for trams on tape.

Musk is a leading technologist, and one of his grand visions is to build tunnels to serve as single-track freeway for cars on pods. Think of it as hopping on and off an individual subway passenger car (or watch this video). It’s bleeding-edge technology consistent with his forays into reusable rockets, solar panels, and electric cars. But only time will tell whether his boring company will turn out to be just as exciting.

For now, let’s enjoy these heart-warming stories shared by the Twitterati, and continue to create them:


Also, Happy Holidays!


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