Cherry Blossom Kite Festival 2017


It’s that time of the year in Washington, D.C., when tree branches puff a pink cloud. It’s a special time of the year that signals spring- so special that a festival was created around the occasion- The Cherry Blossom Festival.

One of the activities lined up each¬†year is the kite festival, which I wasn’t aware of, until my roommate/landlady told me about it a few days earlier. I usually just go to the Tidal Basin, and gush about the flowers for the rest of the year.

Back in late March, I attended a one-day workshop to learn the basics of smartphone¬†filmmaking offered by¬†Docs in Progress, a non-profit that promotes documentary filmmaking¬†based in Silver Spring, Maryland. What better way to put my budding (no pun intended)¬†filmmaking talent to good use by shooting a fun event like the¬†kite festival held last Saturday. And here’s the result. It’s not worthy of an Oscar, but at least a like or retweet or two. Enjoy!



Improv as critical mass

Here is an example of collective behavior, public spaces and making things fun. Imagine doing this for more productive things, like a river clean up, picking up rubbish or generally getting things done. The Big Brother-ly commands can be off-putting though. Either way, this video is brilliant.

via Gizmodo

Hamburg on CNN

Hamburg has been recently featured in videos on the CNN website. I wonder if it’s also shown on TV (I don’t have a TV). You’ll also catch a glimpse of my former boss, Stefan Schurig, and the office where I worked from September 2009 to March 2010 as an intern at the World Future Council. Hamburg’s share of spotlight is part of the Future Cities segment hosted by Richard Quest. The show features innovations in cities that encompass topics on architecture, mobility and transport, and renewable energy.

And another Hamburg winter video

This video mix I made always make me smile every time I watch it. The contrast between the icy visuals and tropical tunes from Trinidad reflects the situation where I am now. Me wishing for the end of winter and the onset of summer, or at least spring. If only music could melt snow and ice! At the very least, the days are getting longer of about four minutes every day (no kidding!).

Two videos of Hamburg in winter

Spot a Colombiano in this video.¬† We were classmates back in postgrad and who’s now based in Berlin.¬† We went to the Alster Lake last Saturday. It has been frozen for a some weeks now.¬† It even made the headlines of the online version of Abendblatt, the local city paper. It’s not on the route of my daily commute even it is less than two kilometers from work. I feared it would thaw before I actually see it and set foot on it.¬† I’m glad it hasn’t. It seems all of Hamburgers were on the frozen lake last weekend. There were about 40 000 of them last Sunday.

Try to see the almost invisible snowflakes and birds drifting by.  The white foreground is a canal full of ice.  Both videos taken with a Nokia E63. If you want better mobile phone videos, please give me an iPhone. Lolz.