Journalistic involvements

Online/blog contributions

  1. Climate-Eval Blog
  2. Young Germany blog
  3. The Greenline (newsletter of the Global Environment Facility)

Print (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

  1. UP where I belong (Philippine Daily Inquirer and later in a book compilation)
  2. Three articles in the Young Blood column

Radio (Deutsche Welle):

  1. Counting birds with computers (story starts at 15:45)
  2. Man-on-the-street’ interview on how young couples met
  3. Climate Witness (Fiji and India)

Photography (CNN iReport):


  1. Green is a way of life in Europe’s eco capital (picture #4)
  2. Hamburg remains anchored to its Hanseatic success
  3. Travel snapshots: Images of Germany (picture #6 and #16)
  4. Post-Irene scene in Washington D.C.

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