My Apologies

To all my avid readers (if there are any, hahaha! dream on!):

I apologize for my long silence on my blog. I was and continue to be busy attending to academic demands (naks!).

I’ll try to catch up with my writing.

I submitted an article for a call for contributions I got from one of the e-groups I am a member of. It’s about an account of what happened on our way to Edsa back in 2001. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, and hopefully it gets included in the book.

Wish me luck!


On Call Centers

I called up this number of Time Asia to inquire about the billing of our subscription to the said magazine. An automated voice answered me on the other end of the line. It took me a second more to think, process, and decipher what the lady was saying since she had this Chinese accent even if she was speaking in English. After waiting for other “options,” I pressed “1” since she already started speaking Chinese (I think) after explaining my option “1”.

A piped in music greeted me after pressing the number, and another lady, the CSR (customer service representative), was surprisingly talking to me with a British twang. (she said something like Hilauw?).

The idea of the proliferation of call centers in our country crawled into my mind as I transacted my business to the lady. As I was speaking to her, something was telling me she is one of the many who just joined the call-canter bandwagon, and that she is a Pinay who has acquired the accent through training and practice. I have a personal dislike to the job, as it attracts the many graduates who spent four precious years of their lives earning a degree, and they will end up in a cell center.

I can’t blame them with all the perks the job offers—a hefty starting salary, a promise of promotion (to what position, I can only ask. I think it’s a dead-end job), and other tempting benefits–health, recreation, 18-month salary, etc).

I know the people who jumped into this new professional ”trend” are just being practical. During these trying times, no one seems to have the right to choose the job one had in mind back when they were still confined in the four walls of the classroom.

I and my mom went to visit Lolo, Lola, and Auntie Josie today at Loyola Memorial Park. The bus ride from Las Piñas to Baclaran was a breeze!. The road was almost clear one could do ten push-ups in the middle.

I won’t be surprised if their ghosts will pop up in front of us anytime soon. We had a hard time locating their lot, and the heat of the sun didn’t make it any easier. Though we found it eventually after my mom went to the office and did some (soul?) searching.

We went to Quiapo and attended Sunday Mass there. I particularly like Quiapo Church because it of its architectural design and it’s spacious. But it reached its capacity this morning because it was packed to the hilt!

We went to R. Hidalgo to look for the camera shops where it is said that it’s cheaper there. Finding the shops was challenging, since we were at the wrong end of the street, and to top it all off, we found out they were closed!

Home was our next destination.


I was at Alabang Town Center last Friday, to finally have my first taste of gimmick this sembreak (eat your hearts out!!). I spent my first few hours in the bookstore haven known as Powerbooks. I learned only one will be able to join me that night. After 10 years, my friend Gerard finally arrived. We had an early dinner at KFC, strolled around and planned for our next destination: a bar. That was what our veins were longing for. We headed to Cable Car. I tried imitating the guy in the commercial who ordered the beer just by signaling to the waiter “C45”“ with his hand, and to my delight it worked!

After almost three bottles of beer and an hour of chit chat, alcohol started to take iot stol on me. On my way home I fell asleep inside the jeepney and almost missed where I had to get off. I arrived home just In the nick of time, and headed straight to the toilet where the inevitable happened.

I plopped on my bed and drifted to dreamland in no time.

Divided over Davide

As much as possible, I’ll stay away from writing about politics, we already have enough of them in other blogs and the newspapers. But just the same, simple and straightforward as it may seem, here’s what I have to say.

Give Justice Davide and our country a break from all these political plot Fuentebella et. al. are cooking.

Enough said. =


Laziness and the lack of topic to write about prevented me from updating my young blog. I have accomplished quite something so far in my over a week-old sembreak. I have a lot of catching up to do on my reading. Unread books are starting to pile-up on my bookshelf and cabinet.

I went to LB last Monday to fix something in PNB and get my classcards at the same time. Grades this sem are fine, but two sems ago is still much better. I went to Ayala Foundation Inc. yesterday to get a copy of an article I wrote for them last summer vacation, though I can’t remember if that’s still the one I wrote since they already edited it heavily. The article was published in the Kababayan Edition,a magazine with US circulation several months ago.

I’m waiting a word from this person who’s starting up a new “techno-lifestyle” magazine. I hope he’ll consider my proposal for their mag. It’s just volunteer writing for starters, but I’m after the experience and the exposure from them.