Wet weather in Washington

The rain was relentless the previous two days. Yesterday was the worse of the two when it felt like one of those monsoon rains in Manila. I zipped (Lyfted?) around town when I could have taken a bus back to my apartment or walk to a small theater last night. I’m hosting a cousin from Australia, and asked me if this is typical summer in the city. Sort of.

The District is not really known for its wet summers. But it’s not the first time I’ve experienced extreme weather in the District. Philippine summers can be debilitatingly hot and humid, but the heatwave back in 2011¬†was the hottest¬†I’ve experienced ever outside of Las Vegas.

The sun teased us with its presence this morning, before finally coming through just before sundown. The air is crisp tonight, and the forecast in the next three days looks promising. I hope to make the most out of the good weather touring my cousin and meeting up with a friend visiting from India before I head back home in less than a week.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Over the weather

Seeing snow for the first time was a magical experience, and the other night I experienced another meteorological novelty, but probably not as exciting.  Hamburg was covered in mist as I arrived from a day trip in Bremerhaven.  It is not your usual fog.  It made everything on its path damp.  The pavement shimmered as the street lights shone on it and diffused its glow.  It is not similar to an after-rain feel because there is no puddle of water or dripping wet leaves.  It is simply wet, which is better than a rainy day.

We have been getting straight days of gray weather with the sun just passing by, maybe to say hello and wants to be acknowledged of its existence.¬† I am learning to discern degrees of coldness: yesterday it was not-so-cold and this morning it is cold.¬† The weather forecast is not showing any sign of yellow-shaped circle for the next few days, so maybe I need to really start liking a wet, cold, and gray weather.¬†¬† As they say, there is no such thing as getting cold, it just simply means you’re inappropriately dressed.


Holzbr√ľcke literally means ‘wooden bridge’.¬† And maybe it was such once upon a time.¬† I took this photo on that bridge, along which I pass by everyday to and from my work.¬† Every time I pass by, I slow down my pace a bit (although my normal walking pace is like crawling to German standards) and just take in the view, come rain or shine.¬† After a mental tug-o-war whether to take a photo or not, I am glad I did.¬† I paused, took out my camera (which I also thought of leaving behind the house), and snapped a few shots, and walked again.

The sun is out today after four days of gloom.  Yes, sunshine is starting to become a novelty.  Hamburg is not known to be the sunniest city in Germany.  That one goes to Freiburg.  With the autumn setting in, day light seems to gradually cave in.  Sunrise is getting later and sunset is getting earlier.  If the weather forecast will be true to its word, we will have quite a lot of sunshine for the next five days.  Better days are ahead.